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About the IESA

The Israeli Esports Association (R.A.) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Electronic Sports in the State of Israel.

The IESA operates nation-wide Esports leagues, provide support for registered players and clubs, sets a unified standard for Israeli Esports tournaments and acts as a supporting partner to private tournament organizers and game publishers / IP owners in the Israeli Esports scene.

IESA is the Israeli member of the International Esports Federation (IESF), Global Esports Federation (GEF), and European Esports Federation (EEF), and is recognized by leading publishers, organizers and other stakeholders as the go-to partner for Esports in Israel.

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Our partners help us elevate the Israeli Esports scene and create new opportunities for the Israeli Esports athletes.

Introduction to Esports

Esports (Electronic Sports, or Competitive Gaming) is the term used to describe the sport of organized competitive video-gaming.

Esports tournaments are held all over the world for a variety of "Esports Titles" – which are video games that support Esports features and allow for fair and competitive play. Competitions are held by private organizers, associations as well as the official publishers. 

Esports is different from "traditional" sports in the sense that it is played using digital interfaces such as PC, gaming consoles, or mobile devices.

As of today, more than 70 countries recognize Esports as true, legitimate sports. Its ecosystem, comprised of various types of stakeholders, makes it a unique, vibrant industry and sporting activity unlike any other.